Walter Harvey Wing 1857 – 1938

Walter H Wing Headstone (north side)


Ancestry:  Nathaniel Wing, ll;  Alvan Wing;  Lemuel Jesse Wing, Rev War;  Nataniel Wing;  Ebenezer Wing;  Nathaniel Wing, KP War;  Stephen Wing;  John Wing, Rev.

Born: July 26, 1857 in Pocasset Ma.

  • Father: Nathaniel Wing, ll; (1812 – 1893) (Alvan Wing & Thankful Swift)
  • Mother: Hannah Snow Burgess; (1816 – 1882) (Abraham Tabor Burgess & Rhoda Caswell Taber)

Died: August 9, 1938 in Pocasset Ma. at 81 yrs, 16 d.

  • Buried: Cataumet Cemetery; area B (his name is on the north side of the headstone)

Occupation: Carpenter, Builder

Where Lived: Barlows Landing Rd. in Pocasset Ma.

Married: October 4, 1916 in Boston Ma. at Tremont Temple

  • To: Aurora Ella Nowell; (1886 – 1943) (Charles H. Nowell & Ella Barton)

Children: Unknown

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