Alphones D Witherell 1832 – 1838

John F & Alphones D Witherell Headstone

Witherel family Headstones


Ancestry:  Moses Witherell, Capt.;  John Witherel, Capt., War of 1812

Born: Abt. 1832

  • Father: Moses Witherell, Capt.; (Abt.1809 – 1871) (John Witherel, Capt., War of 1812 & Sarah Lawrence)
  • Mother: Abby G. Parker; (Abt.1822 – ?)

Died: September 13, 1838 at 6 yrs, (unclear)

  • Buried: Cataumet Cemetery; area B

Note: There seems to be two Alphonse D. Witherells; The one in the Cataumet Cemetery (whose headstone appears here) who died on September 13, 1838 at 6 yrs, & Alphonso De. L. Witherell, born on June 9, 1853 in Sandwich Vital Records, page 737. Both are children of Moses & Abigail G. Witherell. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



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